Honors Elective Courses

These are courses that are run within specific departments and are not directly part of the Honors Program. As such, they often have a discipline-specific focus and learning outcomes and may focus on fostering integrative analysis and collaborative learning.

Note that the list of these courses is fluid. The classes are not offered every semester. Their offering is tightly dependent on each department’s course rotations and faculty availability. Below is a list of the courses that are offered with greater frequency and consistency. We encourage students to contact the Honors Center at cuhonorscenter@carrollu.edu for details, at least one week prior to registration.

  • CMP112H “Computational Thinking I” 
  • PHI206H “Ethics” [P2]
  • PSY221H “Life-span Psychology” [S2]

  • CMP114H “Computational Thinking II - Statistical Analysis Emphasis” 
  • HIS225H “Medieval Europe, China, and the Islamic Crescent” [H2, CCD]
  • NSR300H “Critical Inquiry in Nursing Research”
  • PSY314H “Learning and Animal Behavior”
  • HIS213H "Women in American History"
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