Educational Leadership Program

This program is designed for educators who want to become school or district administrators, who do not already have a principal license.

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Praise for the Program

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"Carroll’s program is responsive and flexible. They model best practice in education for aspiring, instructional leaders.  The program model is perfect for busy lifestyles, and collaborative and creative minds. Plus - the networking is priceless. You’ll leave ready to change the world!"
CUELP Graduate Student

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"I appreciate the program flexibility and responsiveness to the cohort needs while maintaining a rigorous learning environment."
CUELP Graduate Student

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"Carroll is doing it right with substantive school and district level practicum experiences. It allows for a more apprenticeship approach to the many aspects in system level leadership."

District Administrator and CUELP Field Supervisor

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"This program has prepared me for principal and curriculum coordinator roles through professional readings, networking, collaboration and hands-on practicum experiences."

CUELP Graduate Student

Course Prerequisites

  • Three years of successful teaching experience.
  • Wisconsin teacher license
  • Licensure only program: master's degree in education.

Total Credits

  • License only (principal + director of Instruction): 24 credits
  • M.S. Degree = 30 credits
  • Optional DSEPS license: 2 additional credits

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Program Cost

Total Credits
Total Tuition
District Partner Tuition
Program:License Only
Total Credits:24
Total Tuition:$14,760
District Partner Tuition:$12,552
Program:Masters + License
Total Credits:30
Total Tuition:$18,480
District Partner Tuition:$15,714
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License Information

Students in the Educational Leadership Program will earn their Principal and Director of Instruction Licenses. The DSEPS license is optional.

License #5051 Principal: Required for school administrative positions: principals, assistant principals and other positions, depending on district job requirements (e.g., deans, coordinators, etc.)

License #5010 Director of Instruction: Required for district administrative positions, depending on district job requirements (e.g., directors, coordinators, etc.)

License #5080 Director of Special Education & Pupil Services (DSEPS): Required for district special education administrative positions. Positions may include directors, etc.

Educational Leadership Dates 2023-24

Cohort Weekend Meeting Dates
Cohort meeting only one weekend/month (Saturday/Sunday) typically 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
Meeting dates are the same for the EDL Cohort Spring 23-Summer 24, and the EDL Cohort Fall 23-Spring 25.
  • Fall 2023
    • Sept. 9, 10
    • Oct. 7, 8
    • Nov. 4, 5
    • Dec. 2, 3
  • Spring 2024
    • Feb. 3, 4
    • Mar. 2, 3
    • Apr. 6, 7
    • May 4, 5
  • Summer 2024
    • Determined by cohort

Course Information

Readings and assignments are completed outside of class time. Students coordinate occasional outside-of-class small group work times.

Educational Leadership Course Sequence

Please note this program's course sequence.

Spring 2023-Summer 2024 Cohort

Spring 2023 - EDU613 and EDU685

Summer 2023 - EDU632 and EDU669

Fall 2023 - EDU667, EDU668 and EDU607  

Spring 2024 - EDU609, EDU686 and EDU687

Summer 2024 - EDU688, EDU635* and EDU616

Fall 2023-Spring 2025 Cohort

Fall 2023 - EDU613 and EDU685

Spring 2024 - EDU686 and EDU667

Summer 2024 - EDU632, EDU668 and EDU607

Fall 2024 - EDU609, EDU669, EDU687

Spring 2025 - EDU688, EDU635* and EDU616

Two Pathways Toward Licensure

The Educational Leadership Program runs cohorts that combine licensure only and master's degree-seeking students.

Option 1: Licensure Only*


  • #5051 Principal
  • #5010 Director of Instruction
  • #5080 DSEPS (optional)

Coursework: Core Courses (18 credits)

  • EDU613: Educational Leadership Theory and Practice  
  • EDU632: Leadership in Special Education and Pupil Services  
  • EDU685: Designs of Curriculum and Instruction  
  • EDU686: Continuous Improvement in Education 
  • EDU687: Educational Law  
  • EDU688: Resource Allocation and Budget Deployment  

Coursework:Practicum (6 or 8 credits)

  • EDU667: Instructional Supervision Seminar  
  • EDU668: School Leadership   (Principal focus)
  • EDU669:School Leadership  (Director focus)
  • EDU 635: Spec. Ed Leadership (DSEPS focus, optional)

* Requires existing Master of Education

Option 2: Licensure + Masters in Science Degree


  • #5051 Principal
  • #5010 Director of Instruction
  • #5080 DSEPS (optional)

Coursework: Core Courses + Practicum + Research Courses (6 credits)

  • EDU607: Introduction to Educational Research  
  • EDU609: Research Seminar I  
  • EDU616: Research Seminar II  

What is a Practicum?

  • Practical on-site field experience with an experienced school or district administrator. Practicum activities are customized to each candidate. Stated differently, practicum “courses” occur in the field. They do not meet in classrooms.
  • The principal and director practica are 150 hours each.
  • The DSEPS practicum is the third, which only requires 80 hours of fieldwork.

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