Educational Leadership Program

The Basics

Audience: Educators who want to become school or district administrators, who do not already have a principal license.

Total Credits:  Application Requirements/Process Tuition Cost

License Information

License #5051 Principal: Required for school administrative positions: principals, assistant principles and other positions, depending on district job requirements (e.g., deans, coordinators, etc.)
License #5010 Director of Instruction: Required for district administrative positions, depending on district job requirements (e.g., directors, coordinators, etc.)
License #5080 Director of Special Education & Pupil Services (DSEPS): Required for district special education administrative positions. Positions may include directors, etc.

Course Information

Course Meeting Dates 2022-2023:

Two Pathways Toward Licensure

The Educational Leadership Program runs cohorts that combine licensure only and master's degree-seeking students.

Option 1: Licensure Only*


Core Courses (18 credits) Practicum (6 or 8 credits) * Requires existing Master of Education

Option 2: Licensure + Masters in Science Degree

Licenses:  Coursework:
Core Courses + Practicum + Research Courses (6 credits)

What is a Practicum?

Educational Leadership Course Sequence

Fall 2022 - EDU613 and EDU685

Spring 2023 - EDU686 and EDU667

Summer 2023 - EDU632, EDU668, and EDU607  

Fall 2023 - EDU687, EDU669, and EDU609

Spring 2024 - EDU688, EDU634, and EDU616


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