Undergraduate Programs in Education
Frequently Asked Questions

When can I begin taking education courses at Carroll University?

You can begin your education classes right away as a freshman. You will take foundational courses in educational psychology and development, observation and assessment. You will also enroll in coursework focused on meeting the needs of all learners through inclusive learning environments.

When will I apply to the program?

Candidates typically apply to the program at the end of their sophomore year or beginning of their junior year. Candidates determine their application timeline with their Education mentors.

Will I have an advisor?

All education majors have an advisor who guides them with course programming. In addition, each candidate is provided a faculty mentor that supports them throughout the program.

What types of experiences will I have in classrooms?

Throughout the program, candidates will be provided numerous opportunities to work with learners. Prior to student teaching, students will spend 80 hours in classrooms through two formal field experiences. Many of our methods courses also include embedded field experiences so you can make theory to practice connections as you learn the art of teaching.

What education licenses does Carroll University offer?

  • Elementary and middle school, grades K-9.
  • Middle and high school, grades 4-12, with licenses in math, English and language arts, science or social studies.
  • Cross categorical special education, grades K-12, can be completed with a K-9 teaching license.
  • Carroll also offers licenses for grades PK-12 for the following:
    • Art
    • Music
    • Physical education
    • Health education
    • Spanish

Are Carroll University's education programs accredited?

Yes, all of our programs are approved by the State of Wisconsin. Visit the Department of Public Instruction website to view the Carroll University Wisconsin Educator Preparation Program Report.

Does my teaching license transfer to Illinois or another state?

We have many candidates who complete our program and are teaching in other states. Each state determines its own requirements and licensure requirements are frequently changing. Completing our program meets the Wisconsin licensing requirements. Candidates that are seeking teaching jobs out of state work with the appropriate state agency to determine next steps for licensure in a different state.

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