Sociology Degree Tracks

While not required, sociology majors may choose to further specialize their study through one of the following tracks:

Sustainability track

The sociology and sustainability coursework at Carroll focuses on people, their prosperity and the planet that both depend on. Sustainability is a career field offering students opportunities across myriad sectors of our economy and society, such as corporate chief sustainability officers, manufacturing sustainability managers, renewable energy entrepreneurs, local family farm producers, environmental educators, outdoor recreation and natural resource managers. This emphasis gives you the skills required to help create more sustainable social, economic and ecological systems. You’ll be poised to pioneer sustainable solutions to some of today's most troubling problems while working toward justice, prosperity and environmental stewardship. You can pair this with majors or minors in environmental science, ecology and conservation biology, public health, global studies, political science, business administration, communication, marketing, graphic communication, criminal justice, religious studies, foreign language (e.g. Spanish) and other programs.

Social Work track

This emphasis is for students interested in careers with opportunities to advocate for and address individual, child, family and community needs. You’ll be prepared to pursue a masters of social work (MSW) or to obtain positions with organizations working to meet these needs. Social work professionals work for local, state-level or national organizations in governmental, non-governmental, religious and private sector settings. The coursework is oriented toward helping you comprehend how social systems work and how social institutions shape individual lives through their experiences of personal troubles. This emphasis pairs well with majors or minors in criminal justice, psychology, health and human experience, health care administration, public health, foreign language (e.g. Spanish) and other programs.

Community Development track

This emphasis intersects many career fields and is the focus of various academic disciplines. You’ll receive training in the social and cultural dynamics of social change at various levels of society from organizations and the workplace, at local, regional and international scales and in urban, rural and developing world contexts. You’ll be equipped to participate in communities and lead organizations working to improve people's lives and opportunities by changing their economic and social conditions. Community development professionals include urban planners and policy makers and those working in the community, business sector, government agencies, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Students practice public sociology to actively participate in the social life of neighborhoods, cities, nations and global civil society as thoughtful professionals, while working to ameliorate problems in today's society. Sociology majors complement their studies in community development with coursework in communication, graphic communication, English and writing, management and leadership, business economics, global studies, political science, pre-law, Spanish and other programs of study.

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