Frequently Asked Questions | Music Program

Do you have to be a music major to qualify for music scholarships?

No. Carroll offers music scholarships based on expertise as measured against an absolute standard, regardless of major.

How do I set up an audition for a music scholarship?

After submitting a music scholarship application you will automatically be contacted by a faculty member to schedule a specific audition time on one of several different audition dates each year.

What happens at an audition?

You need to prepare two contrasting pieces of your choice for an audition. Most solos performed at a solo/ensemble contest would be appropriate choices for the audition. Music majors need to bring an accompanist, but if that is not possible, one can be provided if you make arrangements with us. We prefer that selections be from two different composers or, for vocalists, in two different languages. One art song or aria and one musical theater or vocal jazz piece is acceptable for vocalists. You may be asked to sight read some short excerpts to measure your rhythmic and melodic skills. No scales are required.

Can I audition for both a vocal and an instrumental scholarship?

Yes. Since you may not qualify for music scholarships in more than one area, however, the faculty will decide in which area you will be awarded the scholarship. You will then need to meet the requirements in that specific area (instrumental or vocal) in order to continue to receive the scholarship.

Can I participate in both band and choir at Carroll?

Yes. Almost all major ensembles, including the Concert Choir and the Wind Symphony, rehearse at different times. The rehearsal schedule allows a student to participate in both groups.

Does the university have instruments to rent?

We can usually provide instruments for students who do not have their own, especially the larger instruments like tubas, euphoniums, French horns, bass clarinets and baritone saxophones. At this time, there is no rental fee assessed for use of these instruments.

Are private lessons available at Carroll?

Carroll maintains a professional staff that offers first-rate private instruction in voice, band and orchestra instruments, piano and organ. Lessons are taken as a course for either one or two credits (a half-hour or an hour of instruction per week) and are available for music majors and non-majors alike.

Do the music ensembles go on tour?

Yes. Both the Wind Symphony and the Concert Choir take regular national and international tours. These ensembles have visited Denver, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., New York, and Charleston, S.C., as well as numerous countries in Europe.

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