Freshwater Sciences

The Earth is called the "blue planet" because of the abundance of water covering its surface. However, less than one percent of that is available freshwater, a precious resource we need to survive. Freshwater scientists study the health of freshwater systems—lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, wetlands—gathering critical information such as the impact of invasive species, changing levels of biological diversity, and the effects of climate change and pollution. Their work is at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to the complex challenges facing our freshwater resources.

In our unique partnership program, you’ll earn your bachelor’s degree at Carroll and go on to complete your master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in as little as five years.

“I’ve always been passionate about sustainability and ecology.”
— Emily Koster '20

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About the Freshwater Sciences program

The health and availability of freshwater resources in relation to human and natural impact is a global issue that affects everyone. How can we ensure there is enough clean and available drinking water to sustain a growing world population? What are the ways in which we can maximize our use of freshwater resources without causing damage to habitat? Can we find ways to restore and protect biodiversity? Our 3 + 2 freshwater sciences program prepares you for a career focused on improving the environment and providing a better quality of life for us all.

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We help you build real world experience, explore careers and network with professionals through internship opportunities. Recent placements include the following companies:

  • Milwaukee Health Department
  • The Society for Marine Mammalogy
  • Tall Pines Conservancy
  • Retzer Nature Center
  • Urban Ecology Center
  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District
  • Local environmental consulting firms
  • Waukesha Green Team
  • Carroll University Greene Field Station 
  • Waukesha Land Conservancy


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