Sabrina Sieger

Academic Program: M.S. in Sport Physiology and Performance Coaching (SPPC)

What made you choose Carroll University for your graduate work?

I wanted to further my education in the sport sciences and make myself a better resource for athletes. I chose the SPPC program at Carroll because I knew the faculty and because of this I was certain I would be given the opportunity to learn a lot, whether it was in the classroom setting or in a practical setting. While that familiarity made many things more comfortable, I was still given many opportunities to step outside my comfort zone and better myself working with sports I am less familiar with.

What courses or experience(s) within the Sport Physiology and Performance Coaching program were the most valuable?

It had to be coaching Carroll athletes in the weight room. Being assigned a team and writing their strength and conditioning programming gave me a lot of responsibility and freedom to learn from my mistakes and successes along the way. It was a huge confidence booster – being able to use what you learned in class practically with teams and watching them become better athletes.

What are the benefits of the practicum experience working with Carroll University athletes?

The practicum experience within the SPPC program was very hands-on and very helpful for furthering the knowledge being taught to us in the classroom. Having a certain amount of freedom as a student coach made it possible for us to take what we learn and talk about in the classroom and apply it in the weight room. We are given everything along the strength and conditioning spectrum and it is up to us to decide what to use with our athletes. We learn what works, what doesn’t, and/or how to make things work in our programming when and if necessary.

How did Carroll’s SPPC program prepare you for success in your current position?

I was given so many opportunities: to be a leader, an assistant, a part of research, do athlete profile testing, everyday weight room and athletic facility functions, assigned a team and made responsible for their growth as athletes, a large and very optimal set of choices for internship experience, and even be a part of staff weekly meetings. Having all of these opportunities and being able to see all facets of human performance that a strength coach can be a part of helped me not only become more knowledgable but helped me know where I would like to be and how I am going to make the biggest positive impact on athletes.

Sabrina Sieger '20 MS, CSCS, ATC
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Waukesha North High School 
Assistant Women's Soccer Coach at Carroll University

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