Philip Maio '23

Academic Program: Master of Occupational Therapy

Why do you want to be an occupational therapist?

I want to be an OT because I love helping people and I have always wanted to have some sort of career in the medical field. I also understand the importance of wanting to get back to work and back to doing hobbies or general daily activities throughout the day with ease.

What made you choose Carroll University for your graduate program?

I chose Carroll University because of the benefits the accelerated curriculum provides and the program’s emphasis on lifelong learning. Not only can I be 100% certain that I am going to be prepared for the workforce with the comprehensive classes Carroll offers, but I will get to enter the workforce much sooner than any other OT program. I heard nothing but positive reviews about getting a chance to have clinic experience just a few months into the Carroll program. Carroll’s MOT program feels like a family in the ways we are able to care for, support, and encourage each other. The peers and classmates I have met throughout my time in the program will be lifelong friends and colleagues. 

What courses or experiences within the MOT program have been most valuable?

My favorite courses and/or experiences within the Carroll MOT program would have to be the neuroscience and biomechanics lab as well as the opportunity to work in the clinic (Fieldwork I). I really enjoy interactive classes, and these are by far the most immersive classes that I have taken so far. These will most certainly have me prepared for the potential daily challenges I could face in the workforce. The clinic can almost speak for itself. The hands-on experience with my patient has been remarkable and has certainly opened my eyes to the various fields I may want to enter when I graduate with my degree.

What are the benefits of your level I fieldwork experiences during the MOT program?

The biggest benefit is the firsthand opportunity you get with working with a real person, not just a model or an actor. Another important benefit is the opportunity to ask questions and go to the fieldwork advisor with ease, being able to directly receive help. Finally, you get the opportunity to work alongside and practice communication skills with fellow members of the OT cohort.

What are the benefits of having professional OT faculty in the program?

One of the benefits of having professional OT’s as faculty members is the vast knowledge they can share and their real life applications in which they can make connections to. This also sets a high standard for students to achieve, which I think is imperative for the competitive field that we are going into. 

What has been the highlight of your MOT program experience thus far?

My three favorite highlights so far have been creating lifelong friends and future coworkers in my classes and experiences, shadowing opportunities such as adaptive aquatics at the YMCA, and the fieldwork experience at the clinic with real patients. Not only have they been fun, but they have also been an extremely valuable aspect of my education thus far. These highlights have only confirmed that Carroll University is the OT program that I want to be a part of. 

What type of setting do you plan to work in after graduating?

The OT setting(s) that I would like to be a part of when I graduate would be out-patient rehab working as a certified hand therapist or as a general OT working in a school setting. I had the opportunity to shadow a few CHTs prior to attending Carroll University and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect about it.

Why did you choose Carroll’s MOT vs. an OTD program?

My interpretation of an OTD program was that it is mostly used for those who want to teach throughout their career or work in healthcare management. I do not want to teach, at least a population that would require a doctoral degree, and I have heard from others that you can start your own LLC with a master’s degree. Plus, I knew Carroll University offered an accelerated MOT program, which I had been looking for.

How do you think Carroll’s Interprofessional Practice will assist you in the future?

Carroll’s Interprofessional Practice has already and will continue to shed light on topics that I did not know much about or would have never thought much about. Because of the IPE, I have opened my eyes even more to the importance of communication, teamwork, and importance of understanding each other’s field of study/work.


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