Ty Michalowski

Academic Program: Master of Science of Athletic Training

What do you like most about the MSAT program?

The thing I like most about the MSAT program is that we have multiple clinical experiences throughout the two-year experience. We can see many different settings rather than just one setting at the end of the program—you are gaining hands on experience throughout the entire program.

What do you see as the values of an athletic training education and career?

The career is still evolving to this day. With a master’s, I will learn specialized skills to help me excel in my Athletic Training career. Athletic trainers always want to help people and there is a need for us in many non-traditional settings.

Why are you excited to be in the MSAT program here at Carroll?

I am excited to be in the MSAT program here at Carroll because the staff and coaches understand that we are students who are trying to learn. They let us attend practices and allow us to work on the athletes on a regular basis. I would not have gotten the same experience at a larger school who does not see the importance of student ATs.


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