Paul Mentele

Academic Program: M.S. in Sport Physiology and Performance Coaching (SPPC)

Why did you choose Carroll’s SPPC program? What has the SPPC program offered you that no other program could have?

I chose the Master of Sport Physiology and Performance Coaching program at Carroll University for the opportunity to study muscle physiology while also being able to coach athletes and design my own research projects. I found the strength development courses to be incredibly valuable. They are taught by top researchers in that field and provide novel insight into training that is often missed. The major benefit of the practicum experience working with Carroll University student-athletes is it allowed me to observe the application of what I was learning in coursework in the real world to see how different training methodologies work within evidence-based practice.

The SPPC program prepared me for my position as a research assistant at the University of Utah by giving me flexibility to design and execute research while working with athletes.

Paul Mentele, MS, ATC, CSCS
Ph.D. Student Research Assistant Sport Scientist
University of Utah Athletics
University of Utah Department of AT/PT

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