Ellie Erd

Academic Program: Master of Occupational Therapy

What made you choose Carroll University for your graduate work?

I chose Carroll because the curriculum is accelerated and very comprehensive. I feel that I can enter the workforce sooner and as prepared as possible. I also appreciate the emphasis on lifelong learning. Students acquire the tools to continue building their clinical knowledge and skills even after graduation, which is important to me. Carroll’s MOT program feels like a community in that we’re able to support one another, build connections, and share experiences alongside each other. The classmates and peers I’ve met throughout the program will be lifelong friends and colleagues. 

What courses or experience(s) within the Master of Occupational Therapy program were the most valuable? 

I like that the MOT program curriculum is a blend of humanities and science courses. The focus on medical humanities in addition to the fundamentals adds to my education, as occupational therapy is innately a healing profession. The experiences that have been most valuable to me are the various fieldwork rotations that provide students with real interprofessional, hands-on practice.

What are the benefits of the fieldwork experiences the program provides in your first year?

The first-year fieldwork experiences take place in both traditional and non-traditional OT settings, which allows students to see the diversity of roles that occupational therapists fulfill. The fieldwork rotations gave me the opportunity to begin building my clinical reasoning skills right away.

What are the benefits of having professional OT faculty in the program?

The instructors provide many real-world examples to give learning topics context and relevance. Faculty are enthusiastic to share their own personal experiences about  advocating for patients, being involved in professional organizations and promoting the field of occupational therapy.


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