Rebekah Bourgeois '22

Academic Program: Master of Occupational Therapy

Why do you want to be an occupational therapist?

Occupational therapy is where the joys of my heart and the needs of the world meet! As an OT, I get to use my gifts to serve others, love people, and advocate for those who need it most. It brings me to tears every time!

Why did you choose to attend Carroll’s MOT program?

I liked that the program was accelerated and emphasized inter-professional development. 

What type of setting do you want to work in after graduating?

Ideally, I’m hoping to do travel therapy immediately following graduation to help me decide on a setting and location. Everyone jokes that I’ll be the therapist to never have a specialty because I love everyone and want to do everything. Specifically, though, I hope to end up with any population that most people shy away from (like working in a prison, homeless shelter, SNF, or psychiatric setting). 

What school did you attend for undergrad?

Nicholls State University AKA “Harvard on the Bayou” as we like to call it!

What is your favorite season and why?

It was winter until I moved (to Wisconsin) and had to shovel snow. I like fall!


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