Gabriella Sarmiento '23

Major: Healthcare Administration
Minor: Public Health & Business Analytics

How has the honors program allowed you to excel in your area of study?

The honors program has allowed me to adopt an open mindset that had me look into my education from multiple angles. With one of my major courses,Introduction to Health Communication, being at the Honors level, I was able to experience through the curriculum how fundamental varying modes of communication were in being able to reach the various masses that are served in Healthcare. In participating in group project that called for a thoroughly written report, different platforms of communication, and an oral representation regarding how everything has fit together, I can say with confidence that I know what it is like to present program proposals that allow for my audience to engage with the material in a multimodal fashion, Another opportunity that the honors program brings is for a student to explore leadership positions through the modes of Honors Orientation Mentor and Honors Resident Assistant. Both leadership positions allow for the honors students to engage the role of being a leader in a specialized area due to the Honors curriculum application. In my Junior year I got the privilege to oversee the newly established Honors Living Learning community that fostered the core values of the Honors program into residence life. Here I was able to cultivate the skills I have learned in my classes and assist the residents in navigating their time at Carroll in the Program. This opportunity has furthered my experience in specialty administrative functions and skills which I can utilize in my future endeavors as a Healthcare administrator.

What is a unique class experience that wouldn't be seen in a regular class setting?

The honors classes I took, which were Introduction to Health Communication and the World since 1945, allowed for content immersion that highlighted how there are multiple angles, perspectives, and understandings of a subject matter through real life experience. For my Introduction to Health Communication class, my final product acted as a simulation of how I would work in a team to prepare for a program proposal using multimodal communication based on analytical literature. As for my World since 1945 class, I was able to participate in a roleplaying game that had us re-enact the cuban missile crisis from the American, Cuban, and United Nation standpoint with directions on how we were to accomplish our goal. Just from these two classes alone, one can see how Carroll’s Honors program values its student’s education through creating course content that would not only peak our interest but instill in us lifelong skills that we can take with us in pursuing our future careers. For me, these two classes taught me how to engage with my peers and how all of our actions and words have an impact on whatever we do. In learning this I can say with confidence that these skills have helped me hone my conflict resolution and decision making processes.

What is the coursework of an honors class like compared to a regular class?

First off I would like to clarify that regardless of what curriculum you take, the coursework you participate in is unique to how the professor presents the information here at Carroll. But what makes the Honors program unique in its coursework is that it involves a student holistically in the retention of knowledge. The honors coursework allows us to practice critical and systems thinking in a more profound way. Aside from learning about these thinking styles from examples presented, we are able to utilize them in the assignments that we complete. In learning about these thinking styles, we are also learning for ourselves what it may look like and mean to us on a more personal level. For example the creative engagement that we have in the curriculum like role playing games, projects modeling future team work in future careers, or reflective discussions on Movies allow for us to have more agency to think for ourselves while being guided by the professors on what to think about rather than what we should think about. As I have said before and will say again, the Honors program is an enriching experience to participate in as I have gained a more nuanced understanding of how I can become better equipped to participate in society moving forward with the skills I have learned from the unique teachings I have learned.

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