Joshua Williams '22

Majors: Business Economics, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Minor: Psychology

What made you choose this major?

Carroll’s Business Economics major provides a comprehensive understanding of the business world—a base on which advanced economics can be understood.

What is your career objective?

My current plan is to work at a larger law firm before transitioning to an in-house or government position.

How has what you’ve learned prepared you for your future?  

My courses have familiarized me with common business practices and economic trends, both of which play a role in all workplaces.

What opportunities have you had to work closely with a faculty member and what impact has that had on your education? 

Carroll’s small class sizes make it easier for students to connect with faculty members. As a result of these connections, I am comfortable with my professors and feel at home in their classes.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had in your education at Carroll?

My favorite and most memorable lecture was given by Dr. Massimo Rondolino on the topic of Phaedo, one of the most famous Socratic dialogues.

How has Carroll enriched your growth as a person?

Carroll offers many opportunities for students to engage with their community, both on campus and in the broader Milwaukee area. I’ve been able to devote time to my schoolwork while also being involved with student organizations, particularly Student Senate. The opportunity to join Student Senate has made me a more effective communicator and will continue to improve my ability to lead.

If you were recommending your major to a prospective student, what would you tell them?

If you’re interested in economics but want the flexibility of a business degree, this program is for you. It gives students an opportunity to explore both fields.

How has financial aid made a difference in your life?

Yes, I receive the annual Trustee Scholarship. It lessens the burden of attending Carroll, allowing me to focus on academics rather than work.

What’s your favorite place to study on campus?

My preferred study space is the sitting area just outside the sim lab on Hastad Hall's second floor.

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