Jordan Wermund '21

Major: Applied Physics
Minor: Computer Science

What made you choose an applied physics major?

My dad runs an engineering company and I was working there doing simple jobs, such as cleaning, running machines and sorting parts. While doing these jobs, I was able to see some of the work that engineers do. Once I really understood what engineers do, I decided that’s what I wanted to do. Applied physics will allow me to become an engineer.

What is your career objective? 

My goal is to become a robotics engineer.

How has what you’ve learned in your courses so far prepared you for your future?  

I have not only learned the physics and math that I will need in the future but I have also learned about grad schools and the world of engineering.

How have you had opportunities to work closely with Carroll faculty?

I recently submitted an idea to the Smart Cities Smart Futures Competition. For this competition I needed some help from my physics professor, Tate Wilson. The small class sizes gave me the opportunity to get this extra help that I needed in order to submit my idea for this competition.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had in your education at Carroll?

I was able to submit an idea to a physics competition that can give me the opportunity to get investors and try to make my idea come to life before I graduate college.

How has Carroll enriched your growth as a person?

I was able to play softball my first two years at Carroll and minor in Computer Science. Both of these experiences have helped me grow as a person and have helped me prepare for my future.

What would you say to someone considering applied physics?

I would say that applied physics will be difficult but if you keep in mind what you will be able to do when you finish your degree it will be worth all of the hard work that you put in.

What’s your favorite place to study on campus?

I like to study in the study rooms upstairs in the library when I can get one because they are always busy, otherwise I like to study in my room.

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