Apostolos-Christos Lianos '21

Major: Criminal Justice

Why this major?

For the past 12 years, I have struggled with Tourette syndrome, a neurobiological disorder characterized by multiple involuntary vocal and motor tics. I had to overcome a lot of obstacles to be where I am today. I have been judged, discriminated against and yelled at several times during this phase of my life. This situation became my drive to pursue my major in criminal justice.

What is your career objective?

My future goal is to go to law school and become an attorney for people with disabilities. I am especially interested in helping kids with special needs. I want to be able to apply all my knowledge toward helping these people so they would never feel alone, unprotected or discriminated against. I want to use all my experiences to make other people’s lifes better.

How has what you’ve learned prepared you for your future?  

During my first year at Carroll University, I took classes that helped me tremendously with establishing my future goals, including Intro to American Politics and Intro to Criminal Justice. These classes taught me so much about the history of our American government and the primary components of the criminal justice system that I was able to secure an internship at a law firm specializing in criminal defense. For this summer, I am looking for an internship in a different area of the law, such as disability law, or family and juvenile law.

Have you had opportunities to work closely with Carroll faculty?

The small class sizes allow me to develop excellent relationships with Carroll faculty and receive very personal attention. My professors are almost always available to meet with me during certain times of the day. It feels like I have a personalized educational plan. I must emphasize that taking the Intro to Criminal Justice course during my freshman year with Dr. Pinter had a tremendous impact on my academic life. Dr. Pinter is one of the people who believed in me and kept encouraging me to chase after my goals. Now she is both my professor and my academic advisor. I feel very confident that, with her continuous guidance and support, I will be successful in pursuing my dreams.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had in your education at Carroll?

One of the most memorable experiences I have had in my education at Carroll was attending one of Dr. Pinter’s lectures during my freshman year. The topic of her lecture was on discrimination in our society based on the color of your skin, your sex, your race or your ability/disability status. This lecture was fundamental in becoming a building block toward my future goal: to become an attorney for people with disabilities. I also had the opportunity to use the new information from Dr. Pinter’s lectures, along with the experience gained from completing the course assignments, when I applied to work as a legal intern for a law firm last summer.

How has Carroll enriched your growth as a person?

Besides my studies and coursework at Carroll University, I have a passion for youth advocacy, music, nonprofit volunteerism and basketball. Carroll has enriched my growth as a person because it encourages volunteerism and community work, while also giving me the chance to explore everything that I am passionate about. My numerous volunteer activities are also being recognized and supported by Carroll University. These are a part of my extra-curriculum activities and have been essential for my personal growth.

What would you say to someone considering criminal justice?

I would tell them that Carroll University offers several great classes for criminal justice majors and the program is perfect for students who are thinking of a future in law-enforcement or a law-related career. The courses within this major can help a student develop communication skills, give them a new perspective on the community they live in and aid a student in understanding their role as a citizen.

How has financial aid made a difference in your life?

I have been the recipient of a several prestigious scholarships during my freshman and sophomore year at Carroll University. My financial aid has helped me tremendously in pursuing my academic career. It has significantly reduced the cost of attending Carroll and enabled me to focus on my studies without exerting financial hardships on myself or my family.

What’s your favorite place to study on campus?

My favorite place to study on campus is the library. The environment in the library is very friendly, nice and accommodating. The quietness and comfort I experience while I studying there make my work load feel lighter. The resources I need are almost always available and easily accessible, plus the librarians are always eager to help when needed.

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“I want to use all my experiences to make other people’s lifes better.”

— Apostolos Lianos '21

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