Keeley Hamill '21

Major: Biochemistry

How has the honors program benefited you personally?

The Honors Program has allowed me to meet people who are intellectually engaging and who push me to think in a more dynamic way.

Why did you decide to join the honors program?

I joined the Honors Program so that I could be able to take courses that would force me to do more than just memorize facts. The honors courses I have taken have made me reach above and beyond what I thought my capabilities were. It also will look great on a medical school application!

Have you participated in any activities through the Honors Programs? 

I have only participated in honors classes. I plan to participate in some of the events the Honors Program will be putting on in the future, like the trip to the Shedd Aquarium!

How do you feel about the smaller class sizes?

I absolutely love smaller class sizes! You really get to have an actual relationship with your professors and classmates. It makes learning a whole lot easier and much more relaxed. It also helps a ton socially. I have made quite a few of my friends in my honors classes and will definitely continue to make more!

How has the honors program allowed you to excel in your area of study?

The Honors Program has allowed me to excel in my area of study by offering guidance from older honors members. It is so nice to be able to talk to older students who are on the same path that I am and to learn what they plan to do next. It has helped me tremendously in figuring out where I want to go in my next few years here at Carroll as well as what I am going to do post-graduation.

Have you developed greater bonds between your classmates and your professor in honors classes?

100% yes! The bonds I have between my classmates and professors in my honors classes are stronger than those I've made in regular classes. I think it might have something to do with the fact that when you are in an honors class, there is a lot of discussion where students feel comfortable being open and sharing components of their life with one another, which aids the learning process. You learn so much about the person sitting next to you that by the end of the semester, you really feel at home around them.

What is a unique class experience that wouldn’t be seen in a regular class setting?

The role-playing games! In my first honors class, we played a Reacting to the Past role-play game. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it was such a neat way to interact with events from the past by literally putting you in their shoes. None of my non-honors classes have had role-playing games. It was so much fun and brought the class so close together. Even our professor and orientation mentor got into the game!

What is the coursework of an honors class like compared to a regular class?

The coursework for an honors class takes more focus and a little bit of "looking beyond what is right in front of your face." I am not saying that regular classes don't ask students to think critically, but honors courses force you to work a bit harder at it. Part of that is because the grading scale is a bit harder and the teachers do expect more from you since it is an honors class. It's OK, though, because it makes you see that you can do better and you don't have to settle for where you are right now!

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