Chandler McElrath '20

Major: Biochemistry

How has the honors program allowed you to excel in your area of study?

My external research project at the Medical College of Wisconsin counted as an honors credit, and I learned in ways that aren’t possible in a lecture setting. Being an honors student gave me an edge when applying to the research program and gave me the chance to study Huntington’s disease in a lab where I really felt like I was making a difference.

What is a unique class experience that wouldn’t be seen in a regular class setting?

ART291H was an interesting mix of people. Most of the people in the room weren’t art majors, but we all had honors in common. It was great being able to be in a room full of people with great academic drive from all different disciplines.

What is the coursework of an honors class like compared to a regular class?

I’ve found that it’s really dependent on the professor and the subject matter, but an honors class takes the material just a step further to really push your learning. My honors CCS100 class was discussion-based, and I think we all learned to communicate and learn from each others' ideas in a way that I wouldn’t have in another class. 
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