Katie Bruckner '19

Major: Spanish
Minors: Secondary Education and Psychology

Why this major?

I have always had a passion for languages and people. I think the ways in which people express themselves is so fascinating. Studying Spanish along with secondary education and psychology seemed like the best way for me to combine all of my interests.

What is your career objective?

After graduating, I hope to continue using my language skills to help others. Whether that be as a Spanish teacher, an interpreter or a clinical mental health counselor, I know that Carroll has given me the foundation and skills needed to pursue any path I choose while using my Spanish knowledge in the process.

How has what you’ve learned prepared you for your future?  

The opportunity to have service learning and volunteering built right into my Spanish coursework has given me invaluable experience for the future by preparing me to work in the community and allowing me to explore different opportunities to use my language education in the real world. I have been able to develop leadership abilities and social skills that will help me in any future career.

Have you had opportunities to work closely with Carroll faculty?

I have had so many opportunities to do so during my time here at Carroll. Since classes are so small, professors really know you by name and can recommend you for some great opportunities. For example, my Spanish professors recommended me to be a peer tutor in the Learning Commons. This has not only helped me improve my Spanish abilities, but allowed me to develop new skills for the future. Additionally, I have worked closely with Dr. De Costa for my entire college career and having such a positive relationship with her has helped me become more involved on campus and in the community. I have been able to network and make connections with so many people through my work with her. She has been so helpful as a professor.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had at Carroll?

By far the most memorable experience for me was my study abroad trip to Spain. Being able to put my language skills to the ultimate test and actually succeed was a huge confidence boost. The experience really allowed me to become a more independent and open-minded individual.

How has Carroll enriched your growth as a person?

Being able to expand my field of study through my minor coursework has allowed me to be a more well-rounded person. Having the time to join different clubs, like Active Minds, and being able to participate in volunteer activities in the community has allowed me to see that the world is so much more than our little corner here at Carroll. I think that being exposed to so many new experiences and having endless opportunities to explore different interests and passions is one of the many things Carroll does so well.

What would you say to someone considering Spanish?

Spanish will open doors for you that not many other fields of study can. Whether you have a huge dream to change the world or you simply want to help others, Spanish can and will benefit you in any pursuit.

How has financial aid made a difference in your life?

Without the help of scholarships and donor grants I would not have been able to attend Carroll University. The financial aid I received made all the difference in making my experience more affordable. I was so thankful that the hard work I put in to get where I am was rewarded, in large part, through aid that I do not have to repay.

What’s your favorite place to study on campus?

By far my favorite place to study is the Learning Commons. It is perfect for talking through material with classmates and has so many resources to make my life so much easier during exam weeks!

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