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Writing Assistance

The Learning Commons offers free assistance to Carroll students who would like additional help with their writing. Writing assistants are faculty recommended peer educators who support students during any stage of the writing process including brainstorming, developing and organizing ideas and revising final drafts.  


Connect with a Writing Assistant

Students can connect with a writing assistant by making an appointment for a writing consultation during fall and spring semesters on LCOnline or by visiting with a writing assistant during weekly drop-in hours. Please check the whiteboard in the LC or call the LC Info Desk (262.524.7313) for the most current drop-in hours as schedules can change at any time. 
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Writing assistants are generally available Sunday through Friday in the Learning Commons during fall and spring semesters. Please call 262.524.7313 or visit the Learning Commons for the most current schedule as drop-in hours can change at any time.

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Writing Consultation Appointments

Consider scheduling a 30 minute writing consultation to discuss your paper. Writing assistants will work with you to brainstorm topics, develop ideas, organize ideas and to revise your paper. Editing and proofreading your paper is a collaborative process where your skills are developed to become your own best proofreader.  


Make an Appointment

Use  LCOnline to make an appointment with a writing assistant.  


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