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Supplemental Instruction Student FAQ

How do I get involved in SI?

SI Leaders will make an announcement during the first day of class if the program supports your course. They will advertise their schedule online and verbally throughout the semester. SI is free and voluntary. There is no registration requirement!

Who is my SI leader?

Your SI Leader has taken (and succeeded) in your course already! The SI Leaders will attend the lecture again and hold weekly sessions and Q&A's outside of class to supplement what was already learned.

Where are SI sessions and office hours held?

SI Sessions are held in the Learning Commons (located in the lower level of the library) or in designated classrooms around campus. Q&A's are held in the Learning Commons Main Area. 

How do I prepare for an SI session?

Bring your textbook, notes, and any questions you have. Be ready to get involved and perform work on the board. You will be working with your fellow classmates to study and answer questions.

How will SI affect my grade?

Statistics have shown that students who regularly attend SI can receive a half a grade to a full letter grade higher than those who do not. But SI is one component to a student’s academic success. It is important that students regularly attend class, study independently and with fellow classmates, and communicate with their professor.

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