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Supplemental Instruction Faculty FAQ

How do I know if SI supports the course I teach?

The current list of courses supported by SI is on our main page. You will be contacted by the SI Coordinator before the start of the fall term with more information about the program and your assigned SI Leader. The leader will then introduce him/herself to you on the first day of class.

Who is my SI leader?

SI Leaders have taken (and succeeded) in this course already. SI Leaders will attend the lecture again, take notes, and prepare to hold sessions and office hours outside of class. Leaders have been recommended by a faculty member. The instructor has recognized that the students they recommend have strong content knowledge, study skills, and the ability to work well with others.

How is an SI leader different than a teaching assistant?

The SI Leader is a peer facilitator attached to your course. Their goal is to facilitate interactive session based on course content and encourage your students to help learn from each other. They cannot lecture new material or re-teach information. The do not attend lab or take exams. The leaders cannot grade homework or exams, take attendance or proctor exams. Our goal is to make sure the SI Leaders maintain a peer-to-peer relationship with the students in the course, and not be seen as a professor.

Will the SI leaders be trained?

Yes! Every SI Leader is trained in facilitation skills and learning styles. They will attend multiple days of training before the term starts, receive mentoring, meet frequently with the SI Coordinator, and participate in team meetings and professional development throughout the semester. 

What can I do to support my SI leader?

Having SI in a course is not too much of an extra time commitment for an instructor. The SI Leader is asked to communicate with their instructor weekly (in person or by email) to make sure everything is running smoothly. From time to time the SI Leader will ask to make announcements in class about upcoming sessions and office hours. Three times a semester the leader will ask to hand out surveys in class to make sure the student’s needs are met. Lastly, faculty support of SI is very important to the success of the program. More students will attend sessions if encouraged by their professor.

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