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Academic Strategy Workshops

Building the skills required for success in college does not happen overnight. Getting to know yourself as a learner is the first step towards achieving success. Academic Strategy Workshops provide you with self-assessments as well as practical tools and techniques you can use in your coursework. Each workshop is designed to best serve the needs of each individual student or group.

Complete an Academic Support Request form on LCOnline and a member of the Learning Commons team will reach out with details on an initial meeting.

Undergraduate Students

Time Management
Assessing your priorities, mapping out your schedule, establishing fixed and flexible study time, breaking down assignments, addressing procrastination and perfectionism.

Test Preparation & Study Skills
Identifying how you currently study for exams, investigating your learning style, creating personalized study tools, modifying how you study for different subjects, establishing a study plan.

Test Taking
Managing your time while testing, taking multiple choice vs. written exams, reflecting after a test, knowing when to change your study habits.

College-Level Reading
Incorporating active reading techniques, adapting to different types of reading materials, managing your reading load.


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