Goal 2:

Enriching the Carroll Experience

Pioneer Driven: Carroll University's New Vision For Distinction
Carroll University will achieve academic excellence through inclusive excellence. By altering structures that impact patterns, an inclusive and equitable environment in which diversity is celebrated will define our community.  Further, we must recognize that learning does not begin and end within the walls of a classroom. We must build an ecosystem of support that adopts a wraparound approach to delivering an unparalleled university experience that promotes respect and is welcoming for our students, faculty and staff.

Carroll University Will:

1. Commit to a more diverse and inclusive community by:

2. Commit to, and sustain, a culture of environmental accountability by: 

3. Celebrate our Presbyterian heritage by:

4. Improve student support services by:

 5. Enhance our current facilities and infrastructure to better serve the needs of campus by:

brick background
"I am excited about the future of Carroll University and the opportunity to build on our past success to ensure that students and alumni benefit from the lifelong educational opportunities that Carroll can offer."

Dorval Carter '79  |  president, Chicago Transit Authority

Additional Strategic Plan Goals:

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