Instructional Design Services

Whether you are developing something new or looking to take an existing idea in new directions, we are here to support anyone at Carroll who is looking to facilitate learning and development, engage a variety of learners, and successfully meet program or institutional goals.

Supporting a Variety of Projects

Our instructional design team is available to help all Carroll educators – individuals or small groups, faculty or staff - with designing and developing a range of learning experiences, such as:

Our team provides consultation, guidance, and feedback on any or all of the work required for designing and developing effective learning experiences:

Design Consultation

Drafting Learning Outcomes
Designing to Meet Outcomes
Crafting Assessments of Learning
Creating Inclusive, Engaged Experiences
Integrating Appropriate Technology

Content Review

Developing or Revising Syllabi
Editing Assessments & Activities
Verifying Accessible Content
Evaluating Whole Courses

Professional Development

Learning Design Workshops
Teaching with Canvas Training
Educational Technology Pop-Ups
Faculty & Staff Development Support

Supporting All Educators

We offer consultation and collaboration for anyone at Carroll who is striving to establish or extend their instructional strategies and achieve their goals as educators.

Applied Foundations

Are you looking to gain more confidence in foundational principles and practices of effective instruction? Then we can help you answer questions such as:

Experimental Growth

Are you looking to be more innovative with your instruction and explore new approaches to teaching and learning? Then we can help you answer questions such as:

Request Services

To start collaborating with an instructional designer, please click on the button below to submit a request. We will contact you to follow up on your request and confirm project scope and timeline. In the meantime, if you have any questions for us, please email

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We look forward to working with you!

Kristen Trader
Kristen Trader
Senior Instructional Designer
Specialties: Course Design, Equity-Minded/Student-Ready Teaching, Assessment Design, Active Learning, Rubric Evaluation, Writing Instruction
Ya-Huei Lu
Instructional Designer
Specialties: Technology Integration, Engaging Students in Active Learning, STEM Education, Lesson Design, Interactive Presentations, Assessment Design

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