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Dr. Mark Blegen, Carroll University
Provost Mark Blegan

Welcome to the Carroll University Teaching Commons!  Grounded in our commitment to an exceptional liberal arts education, The Teaching Commons highlights the most essential work we do: educating students.
Teaching is not simply the transmission and receipt of facts. Rather, excellent teaching promotes engaging dialogue between and amongst faculty and students, a pushing and pulling that prompts all of us to do our work even better. A teaching community also supports its members growth, explorations, and experimentations. In this way, the spirit of The Teaching Commons reflects and exemplifies The Carroll Compass as a way of navigating the world and bringing the liberal arts to life in all we do.   It is my sincere hope that The Teaching Commons supports our entire community in growth and exploration. 
Simply put, teaching and learning is Carroll University’s raison d’être. I hope The Teaching Commons connects you, during your journey to become the teacher and learner you aspire to be, to both our community and our values.

The Teaching Commons Team

Kristen Trader
Kristen Trader
Senior Instructional Designer
Ya-Huei Lu
Instructional Designer
Lisa Green Photo
Lisa Green

Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing
Member, Faculty Development Committee

Kim Hofkamp, Carroll University faculty
Kim Hofkamp

Clinical Associate Professor, Education
Member, Faculty Development Committee

Abby Markwyn, Carroll University faculty
Abby Markwyn

Associate Professor, History
Member, Faculty Development Committee

Katie McCarthy
Katie McCarthy
Assistant Professor, Applied Business Analytics
Member, Faculty Development Committee

Amy McQuade, Carroll University faculty
Amy McQuade

Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Member, Faculty Development Committee

Teaching and Learning Librarian
Alex Gruentzel
Teaching & Learning Librarian

Notes from the Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee guides the annual planning and implementation of a cohesive program of faculty development that provides meaningful opportunities for all instructors to engage and learn together on relevant topics related to learning, teaching, scholarship, and service. The committee also supports the University Sabbatical and Development grants by providing review and recommendations to the Provost.

Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Aligning Faculty Development programming with key university priorities and needs in a relevant, responsive, and timely manner. 
  2. Ensuring ongoing professional development offerings that enhance instructors' repertoire of scholarship and teaching strategies.  
  3. Facilitating interdisciplinary conversations on learning, teaching, and scholarship. 
  4. Overseeing faculty development grants and sabbatical applications, including dissemination of information on campus and recommending grant recipients to the Provost. 
  5. Collaborating with the Office of Information Technology, Library, Staff Executive Council, Instructional Design, and other offices as necessary to ensure development offerings are integrated across campus.

Committee Members
Faculty: Five faculty (one per College, with additional at-large positions to reach 5) appointed by Faculty Executive Committee. Ex Officio: Director of Faculty Development (title may vary). Faculty members serve a 3-year term. Chair elected by the committee.  

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