ESL Teaching Program

This is information about the non-credit ESL Teaching Program. For more information regarding credit-bearing graduate education, please visit: ESL Teaching Program.

Non-credit education is recommended for participants who: Program begins September 9, 2022.


Credential Description

The ESL (English as a Second Language) Credential Program provides educators with five course options for developing expertise in teaching K-12 students who are Emergent Bilingual (EB) students. Educators can take one or more courses, which are designed to stack or build on each other.


Course Meeting Design:

$1,175 per course, OR $4,875 for the full program. 

The Courses

Foundational Courses:

Multilingualism in Education This course is designed to foster understanding of different theories of language, second language acquisition, and multilingualism within the field of education.

Linguistic Fundamentals This course provides an overview of linguistic perspectives on the nature of language in education.  

ESL Methods and Materials This course will prepare in-service teachers to make connections between theory and methods for teaching and learning with emergent bilingual (EB) students.

Advanced Courses:

Multiple Literacies and Linguistic Diversity* This course will prepare in-service teachers to connect their classroom literacy practices to theories of multiculturalism and dynamic language use.

Multilingual Community Based Leadership** This course is the culmination of the five-course sequence. Students will explore community-based approaches to leadership and collective agency.

*Prerequisite: ESL license or 2 foundational courses.

**Prerequisite: ESL license or previous 4 program courses.

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