Instructional Coaching & Teacher Leadership Credential

This is information about the non-credit Instructional Coaching and Teacher Leadership course. For more information regarding graduate education, please visit: Instructional Coaching & Teacher Leadership Program

Non-credit education is recommended for participants who: program begins June 23, 2022.


Credential Description

This program prepares exemplary educators as PK-12 teacher leaders, with a particular emphasis on instructional coaching. Major topics include instructional coaching, building professional relationships with staff, building educator and team capacity to support all students’ success, professional learning, and school change. The program assignments and internship are personalized to candidates’ goals, context, and preferences. 

Through communities of practice, collaboration, reflection, research and a leadership internship, participants will:  

  1. Develop knowledge and skills in teacher leadership and instructional coaching 
  2. ​Serve as a change agent within teams, schools and districts/systems  
  3. Engage in key roles (e.g. coaching, mentoring) to lead school or district initiatives to nurture conditions that support learner and educator agency  
  4. Facilitate educator and team development to advocate for equity, inclusion and agency for learner centered schools and educator centered districts 



Course Meeting Design: Cost:
$1,175 per course, OR $3,900 for the full program. 

The Courses

Instructional Coaching Foundations will introduce students to instructional coaching models and strategies and develop and practice coaching skills.

Educators as Leaders allows participants to apply leadership and coaching theories in practice. Students develop or engage in active leadership roles in their educational contexts.

Leading Professional Learning provides participants with opportunities to understand, promote, and support high quality professional learning that leads to improvements in teaching, learning, and student achievement.

Instructional Coaching and Teacher Leadership Internship Teacher leader candidates work with program facilitators to design a practicum reflecting the candidate’s professional goals, strengths and interests and aligned with the learning outcomes.
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