Previous Credential Offerings

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Teaching and Learning

Simulation for Educating Nurses
This micro-credential explores using simulation to educate nurses in both an academic and clinical setting. Participants will learn the theory and current standards for simulation education. Participants will have opportunities to experience simulations along with the development of a simulation and debriefing of a simulation. 

Data Analytics

Introduction to Applied Data Analytics-Excel Specialist
This course focused on applied data analysis skills through the completion of professional-level projects utilizing Microsoft Excel. With large, real-world data sets, students investigated business problems and made data-driven recommendations to inform key decisions. 

Data Visualization
As the successor to the Introduction to Applied Data Analytics course, students learned business intelligence data visualization skills through completion of professional-level projects utilizing Tableau Software. With large, real-world data sets, they investigated problems and created intuitive visualizations.

Healthcare Data Analytics Using Microsoft Excel
Healthcare organizations are committed to improving the quality of clinical care, increasing patient engagement, caring for diverse populations, and reducing costs. A critical component of these initiatives is analyzing data to support strategic decision making. In this course, Carroll University Healthcare Administration students had the opportunity to learn data cleaning, visualization and analysis, and creation of dashboards.

Community Engagement

Waukesha County Contact Tracing
In partnership, Carroll University and Waukesha County launched a training program to quickly train Waukesha County Contact tracers. The program consisted of two separate modules:
  1. Contact Investigation
  2. Disease Investigation
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