Departmental Leadership
A multi-part series for colleagues leading departments in any capacity.

Foundations of Leadership
August 10-12 IDEA Lab (with hyflex option)

A multi-part workshop for those responsible for leading teams. This workshop is designed to help you identify your "North Star" as a leader -- the principles that guide your alignment of values, decisions, and actions, while infusing your leadership with equity, inclusion, and justice-oriented practices. You will identify, reflect on, and practice using your North Star in a range of leadership roles -- such as supervisor, coach, and mentor -- as well as leadership directions -- such as leading from behind and beside. 

This focus on the intersection of self-knowledge and leadership will be explored in part through a workshop on  Leading with Strengths, based on CliftonStrengths and facilitated by Dr. Vicky Goodin. Please register for this session no later than July 31 2021.

Note: This foundational workshop is designed for leaders across the institution. Throughout the year we will hold additional, individual sessions designed to support the unique needs of faculty leaders. 


Monthly Leadership Conversations
Wednesday afternoons, 3:30-5 pm, IDEA Lab (with hyflex option)

Beginning in September '21 and running through May '22, these monthly gatherings are designed for anyone who leads a department. Each month we'll explore a different leadership theme through a short, focused reading followed by group activities such as case-studies, fishbowl exercises, and conversation. Each session will end with private, personal reflections to encourage you to intentionally ground your learning in your leadership values and plan to strengthen your leadership practice.

In-depth, thematically-focused conversations about leadership values and behaviors
(subject to change)
  • September 15: Building Trust
  • October 13: Crucial Conversations
  • November 10: Leadership modes (choose one): Coaching, Supervising, Mentoring  OR Leading from the Swivelling Chair: A conversation for leaders of academic departments and programs 
  • December 8: Compassionate Leadership for the Whole Person
  • January 26: TBD
  • OPTIONAL: Friday January 28: Academic Department Chairs and Program Directors are invited to join the New/er Faculty Orientation for a workshop on Cultivating a Climate of Collegiality and Civility.
  • February 16: TBD
  • March 9: TBD
  • OPTIONAL: Friday March 25: Academic Department Chairs and Program Directors are invited to join the New/er Faculty Orientation to discuss the Annual Faculty Evaluation process with new/er faculty
  • April 6: TBD
  • May 11: TBD

Leadership Pop-up Sessions
Wednesday afternoons, 3:30-4:30, IDEA Lab (with hyflex option)

Just-in-time, task-oriented mini sessions
(subect to change)
  • Kronos Training (August, September, October, November, January, February, March)
  • Using our Budgeting System (September, October, January, February, March)
  • Annual Staff Evaluations (September, January, May)
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