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President Cindy Gnadinger

Dear Carroll Employees,
Welcome to the Career Collective -- a place to assist you in establishing your professional development objectives. More importantly, this site will help you meet the goals you set. Carroll University believes in lifelong learning. We strive to provide our employees with opportunities for continued growth to help you meet your professional career goals.  
In addition, we are committed to our university’s mission to prepare to students for a diverse and global society.  We can only achieve this when we commit ourselves to individual growth and become exposed to diverse people, thoughts, and ideas. This site will offer a multitude of learning opportunities for our campus community to grow and learn together on issues related to equity. Through this journey we will achieve our goal of making Carroll an inclusive and welcoming place for all!
Cindy Gnadinger, President


Notes from The Career Collective Team

The Career Collective is a space for all CU employees to gather, learn, and celebrate our professional successes. It is designed to be a place where you can chart your own path toward your personal "North Star": identifying your core values, understanding how those help guide your decision-making, and deciding how to bring those best parts of yourself into your daily work. 

The Career Collective team is here to help clear the brush and rubble out of your way to ease your path as you walk it, and to connect you with likeminded colleagues who are interested in their own values-based professional growth. Thank you for joining us here.


Meet the Team

Lydia Guell, Carroll University

lydia guell

she, her, hers My North Star: Guiding individuals to discover their purpose
Kelly Pearse, Carroll University

kelly pearse

she, her, hers My North Star: Empowering individuals to align their passion to achieve growth, development and success.

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