Opportunities for Carroll Students

There are many opportunities for Carroll University students to receive hands-on environmental education at Prairie Springs. While majors in programs such as biology and environmental science use the property most frequently for classroom experiences, many other programs use the spaces for interdisciplinary lessons throughout the year. Opportunities to work even more closely with staff, students and community members are also available through work study and internship positions. 

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Research at Prairie Springs
Pioneers investigate the negative effects of the invasive species of buckthorn. 

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Internship and Work Study Opportunities

Each fall, spring and summer semester, Prairie Springs Environmental Education Center offers both internship and work study positions for interested students. Students will be engaged in a variety of tasks listed below and more. The experience can be tailored to fit specific student needs as well. 

Prairie Springs Job Description

Candidate Qualifications

Site Supervisor

Todd Levine, Director of Greene Field Station & Prairie Springs Environmental Education Center


Please work with your academic adviser to determine course designation, number of credit hours and other course requirements, then contact Todd Levine at tlevine@carrollu.edu.

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