Extreme Weather Policy

Responsible Office: Human Resources
Adopted: Last Revised 12/14/2022


Policy Scope and Statement

Carroll University is a residential campus and as such, every effort will be made to safely continue normal operations in the event of extreme weather conditions. The university understands that at times inclement weather will disrupt normal operations and services, and it may occasionally be necessary to move to remote instruction, delay or suspend the opening of university administrative offices or modify employee schedules.

The purpose of this policy is to outline the policy and procedures for students and employees to follow during extreme weather conditions.


Extreme Weather Conditions: Severe or inclement weather that has the potential to disrupt normal operations on campus, including snow, ice, high winds, severe cold, tornadoes, etc.


The university’s president and provost will make the decision to move instruction online (either synchronous or asynchronous instruction), delay the opening of university offices, modify schedules, or continue with normal operations. The university’s athletic director will make the decision to delay or suspend athletic activities.
If the decision is made to move instruction online, faculty are expected to contact students with instructions for remote instruction for their course and students are expected to participate.
If the decision is made to alter normal operations because of the severity of the weather, appropriate facilities and dining services will remain open to ensure the health and safety of students. While other university offices will be closed, employees who are able to are asked to work remotely. If no university delays or closures are announced, all university faculty and staff will do their work in accordance with their normal schedules.
Safety is our top priority at Carroll. If an employee cannot safely travel to campus for their normally-scheduled work, they should discuss this with their immediate supervisor. Staff should request either personal time or vacation time from their supervisor and log it in the Kronos time-keeping system in these instances.
Employees who are working on campus during extreme weather conditions and would like to leave early despite the campus remaining open should make that request to their immediate supervisor and if approved, take vacation or personal time for the remainder of the workday.
On rare occasions, weather may require the university to suspend all on-campus operations other than those providing for the safety and care of our students. On such occasions, all courses should be conducted virtually. Hourly employees required to perform duties on campus when such a closure is announced will be compensated at the overtime rate of time and a half their regular hourly pay.


Students and employees will be notified in the following ways if a decision is made to alter normal operations on campus due to extreme weather conditions:
  • PioALERT (email to students and employees. Opt-ins will also receive a text message)
  • Carroll University Official Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)
  • Carroll University Website (home page banner)

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