Close Out Policy for Federal Grants

Responsible Office or Person: Office of the Provost
Related Law and Policy: 
CFR 200.343


The following timetable applies to all federally funded grants unless:


The Principal Investigator (PI) shall submit, no later than 90 calendar days after the project end date, all financial, performance, and other reports required by the terms of the grant.

All obligations under the grant shall be liquidated within 90 days of the project end date.

Any funds advanced by the granting agency, but not spent in the performance of the grant project, shall be refunded to the granting agency as soon as feasible, unless otherwise directed by the agency.

The PI shall facilitate the disposition of any real or personal property acquired with Federal funds or received from the Federal government as part of the grant after consulting with the Grants Staff and Business Office. The closeout of a Federal award does not affect the right of the awarding agency to disallow costs and recover funds through audit or other review.

Close Out Procedures for Federal Grants
Within 90 calendar days of the end date of the grant Principal Investigator (PI) will: After all reports have been submitted to funding agency, Grants Staff will:


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