Transferring Your I-20 from Carroll University | Current International Students

F-1 students who wish to attend another college after attending Carroll University, completing Optional Practical Training or using a Carroll I-20 to enter the U.S., must initiate a transfer of their SEVIS record to the new school in which they intend to enroll. This transfer is required since only one school can hold a student's SEVIS record at one time, which should always be the institution that student is currently attending.

When a student's SEVIS record is transferred to another institution, the new institution gains access to that record. They are then able to prepare a new I-20 for the incoming student with the same SEVIS ID number, but with the new institution information, new financial information and new academic and program date information. This transfer allows the student to maintain their F-1 status, and prevents the students from having to get a new visa or repay the SEVIS fee again.

Required Documents to Transfer Your SEVIS Record from Carroll to a New Institution

  1. Proof of admission - Before we can transfer your I-20 to a new institution, we have to confirm that you are admitted to that institution. This is usually a copy or emailed copy of your admission letter or an emailed notification of your admission from the new institution.
  2. Completed CU Intent to Transfer Out Form for F-1 Students - This form serves as official notice of your intent to transfer and provides OIE with the information to properly transfer your SEVIS record, including the requested transfer date. The transfer date should be after you complete your last class at Carroll, or after you complete OPT, if applicable.


If you are transferring your I-20 to a new school after finishing your studies at Carroll, or after OPT, please note that you MUST transfer your I-20 before your I-20 end date or OPT end date, plus the 60 days grace period. Your I-20 cannot be transferred after the 60 days, so please act accordingly!

You should complete the transfer of your I-20 to the new school before you start classes there. As such, be sure to submit the Transfer Out Form with a copy of your admission letter to the new school at least two weeks prior to the start date of your new school.

Next Steps

Besides the OIE office, if you have not already graduated you should plan to let your academic advisor and the Office of Student Success know of your decision to leave Carroll University.

If you are registered for a future semester but have changed your plans and will not be attending, it is your responsibility to drop your classes before the deadlines in order to get a full refund.

After your I-20 transfer has been completed by OIE, you should reach out to the international advisor at your new institution to find out the requirements to get your new I-20 from them, which typically include updated proof of funding and photocopies of your immigration documents.

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