Immigration Information for Current International Students

While the Office of Global Education is available to help, ultimately YOU are the only one responsible for maintaining YOUR legal immigration status in the United States.

Here are some important reminders:

Complete all Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Reporting to OGE

You are required to report to OGE within 30 days of the start of every semester. The mandatory reporting requirement will be fulfilled for all incoming international students through their participation in the international student orientation. Returning students are required to fulfill their reporting requirement no later than the first two weeks of the start of classes. Students will be emailed information to their Carroll University email accounts about the specific times they can meet with an advisor for check in at OGE. Any questions about check in may be emailed to Any questions about check in may be emailed to your international student advisor directly.

Address Changes

You must report a change of address within 10 days of moving – even if you are just changing rooms on the same floor of a residence halls. Any address changes for your dependents, if applicable, are also your responsibility. Please use the OGE Address Form to report address changes.

Maintain Full-Time Course Enrollment

You are expected to maintain full-time registration and make normal progress toward your degree. Full-time enrollment during the academic year means:

To fulfill this requirement you must be registered for full-time enrollment by Carroll University's last day to add courses each semester. Please refer to the Academic Calendar to determine the last day to add classes each semester.

There are very limited exceptions to the full-time requirement so you must consult OGE in advance of any drop below full-time or you will be in violation of your status. Students requesting permission to be below full time status must submit a Reduce Course Load Request Form to OGE before dropping below full time. Current student forms can be found in the International Student Support Canvas course.

Maintain the Validity of Your Immigration Documents

Form I-94: Arrival/Departure Record

International visitors to the U.S. arriving via air or sea no longer need to complete paper Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record. CBP now gathers travelers' arrival/departure information automatically from their electronic travel records. Those who need to prove their legal-visitor status—to employers, schools/universities or government agencies—can access their arrival/departure record information online at However, U.S. CBP will still issue a paper form I-94 at land border ports of entry.

Upon arrival, a CBP officer stamps the travel document of each arriving non-immigrant traveler with the admission date, the class of admission, and the date that the traveler is admitted until. Upon exiting the U.S., travelers previously issued a paper Form I-94 should surrender it to the commercial carrier or to CBP upon departure. Otherwise, CBP will record the departure electronically via manifest information provided by the carrier or by CBP.

F-1 Visa

A visa is an entry permit placed inside one's passport that gives permission to the passport holder to enter a particular country. An F-1 visa is granted to persons seeking to study full time within the United States. The validity of the visa may vary based on the applicant's home country. In most cases, this visa is valid for the expected duration of one's studies. However, it is not necessary that it is remain valid for the duration of one's program of study. Rather, it is one's I-20 that will determine that they are otherwise maintaining their F-1 status and are permitted to be in the U.S. If the F-1 visa of a student expires prior to the completion of that student's studies, the student may continue their studies, but must take steps to renew their F-1 visa the next time they depart the U.S if they intend to return to the U.S. in F-1 status. For more questions about visa renewal, please contact OGE.


In order to re-enter the U.S. after a trip abroad, you will need a valid passport, a valid visa stamp, and a valid I-20 with a recent OGE signature. See our Travel and Re-Entry page for more information.


You must abide by all employment regulations. Do not accept off-campus employment without receiving prior authorization from USCIS and/or OGE. Do not work more than 20 hours week on or off-campus while school is in session. See the Employment Information page for more information.

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