Undergraduate Registration Information for Accepted International Students

Degree-seeking undergraduate students will obtain academic advising through the Center for Academic Advising in their first semester. Students will be required to participate in a meeting with an Academic Advisor in person or online prior to registering for classes. Any questions regarding individual registrations should be directed to mcouch@carrollu.edu.

Registration will vary for each student, but most students can expect to be enrolled in 12-18 credits, including one Cultural Seminar Section. The Cultural Seminar is the introductory course to Carroll University's Pioneer Core General Education program. Every student must take a Cultural Seminar course, which is designed to explore culture through both the study of one's own culture and a different culture. Topics include from Music in World Cultures, the Study of Food and Culture, and Modern Day Immigration, to name just a few.

It is not necessary for undergraduate students to have declared a major before arriving at Carroll University. Even if you have declared a major, you may or may not take courses in your major your first semester. In many cases, Carroll students take only general education and elective courses during their first semester at Carroll University.

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