Intensive English Language Program Placement and Registration

Intensive English Language program students will not typically register for their IEL courses until after they are on campus. Instead, they will be placed in a 0-credit IEL Placeholder course. This placeholder course will confirm your enrollment at Carroll University and in the IEL program.

So when do you register for courses?

The first day of classes in IEL you will take the TOEFL ITP® assessment. Based on your results, you will be placed in one the three levels of the Carroll University IEL program: Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced.

In some cases, students must show that they are registered for a full course of study (12-credits) before Carroll University's first day of classes. Please email if you need to request an early registration date. Please note that in these special circumstances, students will be registered for an estimated level (typically "Intermediate") but actual course registration will be confirmed or changed based on the results of the TOEFL ITP assessment.

Bridge Option for Intensive English Language Students with Conditional Acceptance

Students who test into the Advanced level and have conditional acceptance into a Carroll University degree program will have the opportunity to add 1-2 undergraduate or graduate courses to their full IEL coursework schedule. Course recommendations will be made by the Office of International Education and credit fees will be assessed for any added coursework.