What International Students Should to Bring to Carroll

Packing for university is difficult for all students - packing to study in another country is especially challenging! While the needs and preferences of each student may vary, here are some suggestions to help you pack:

Carry-On Bags

Immigration Materials


Health Records and Medications

Correspondence from Carroll University

Other Items

Items to Pack in Regular Luggage


Waukesha is a city which gets all 4 seasons, so pack accordingly. Summer can be warm and humid. Bring comfortable shorts, skirts, flip-flops and other summer wear. In the fall, things cool down and by this time a warm jacket is recommended. Winter is cold and wearing several layers, a warm jacket, snow or water proof shoes, and full length trousers/jeans are a necessity. Spring is similar to fall when a jacket is most appropriate. Information about average monthly temperatures in Waukesha or Wisconsin can be found on-line, including Weather.com and ClimateZONE.com, as can general information about the climate.

Carroll University is a pretty informal school, and so apart from weather considerations, feel free to dress exactly how you like. If you ever find that you need to do some shopping, there are a few stores within walking distance and the Carroll University shuttle provides transportation weekly to the closest shopping mall. You could even make an independent trip to Milwaukee or Chicago where there are even wider selections of stores.

Living Essentials

If you will be living on campus, you may wish to bring a pillow and linens. Your residence hall room is not equipped with these items. You will be provided a one-week loaner set of linens and a shopping trip is planned the second day of your arrival. Bed linen, pillows, and blankets can be purchased for a modest (approximately $50, depending on your preferences), but you may prefer to bring your own items instead of purchasing them upon arrival.

You should invest in a travel adaptor before you arrive in the U.S. Most adaptors that are available in Waukesha will be made for U.S. electronics to be used in other countries - not for foreign electronics to be adapted for U.S. outlets.


Don't forget to bring a few small mementos and items of personal significance. It will be nice for you to bring things that remind you of home to have in your new living space. Also, these items can be shared with the new friends and classmates you make in Waukesha.

Labeling your Luggage

You are advised to label your luggage so that it can be more easily located in the event the airline misplaces it during your travel. Each piece of your luggage should either be labeled on the outside or include a piece of paper on the very top of the inside with the following:

c/o Office of International Education
Carroll University
100 N. East Avenue
Waukesha, WI 53186 U.S.A

Panoramic View of campus