Accommodation Information for Accepted International Students

On-Campus Housing

Living on-campus can be one of the most important and memorable parts of the total U.S. university experience. It provides opportunities to make new friends, become a part of a community and benefit from the residence hall's educational, cultural, social and recreational activities.

Our housing options provide safe, inclusive, and supportive living and learning environments that positively impact student engagement, retention and success.

Undergraduate, Exchange, and CU International Semester Program Students

All full time students who enroll at Carroll are subject to a junior residency requirement. This requirement remains in effect until a student has achieved senior standing (92 credits) by the beginning of the academic year. Exceptions to this policy include those students who are married or in a partnership legally recognized by a state, 23 years of age or older, are the primary caregiver to a child and those students who are living within fifty (50) miles from campus with parents or legal guardians during the academic year for which they are enrolled.

Graduate Students

Most domestic graduate students do not live in on-campus housing. However, Carroll University is able to welcome international graduate students in on-campus housing, as available. Graduate students will only be placed in Suite Style Halls and Apartments. Graduate students will NOT be placed in Traditional Halls. Please keep in mind that in most cases you will be placed with undergraduate roommates.

Carroll University does not offer on-campus family housing options. Students who are married or in a partnership recognized by the state of WI and/or students who are the primary caregiver to a child must locate off-campus housing.

Off-Campus Housing

To qualify to live off-campus students must meet one of the following requirements:

Off-Campus Housing Resources

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