I-94 Record Information for Accepted International Students

If You Are a New International Student

Arrival by Land or Sea

When you entered the U.S. you will have received a small square I-94 card. Bring this card (along with your passport and I-20) to Carroll’s International Student Orientation prior to the start of your first semester.

Arrival by Air

When you enter the U.S. at an airport you will no longer receive a copy of your I-94 card. OGE Staff will assist you in locating and printing your electronic I-94 card Carroll’s International Student Orientation prior to the start of your first semester.

Download and Print your Electronic I-94 Record

If There Are Problems Locating Your Online I-94 Record

Here are some tips for locating your electronic I-94 record:

If you are still unable to locate your electronic I-94 record, please contact OGE. An advisor may need to contact the Customs and Border Protection agency to have your record fixed. Please be prepared to provide OGE with the date you arrived in the U.S., the airport you landed in, and the airline company with whom you flew.

Important Information about Your I-94 Card

Your I-94 record is your only record of being in the U.S. legally so it is important to keep your I-94 card/a copy of your electronic I-94 record with your passport at all times while inside the U.S. Federal and State government agencies will ask to see the I-94 record for driver’s license applications, social security number applications, etc.

Electronic I-94 Record

Remember to download and print your I-94 number each time you exit and return to the U.S. Keep the most current printed I-94 number with your passport for your own records.

Paper I-94 Record

You should take care not to lose your paper I-94 card as it must be provided upon exiting the U.S. If you lose your paper I-94 card please notify OGE immediately as you will have to submit form I-102 to USCIS and pay the filing fee, currently $330.

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