DEI Annual Summit 2021
Student Sessions

10:45 - 12:00 Breakout Sessions for Students

Fully virtual conversations to deepen awareness and understanding of inclusion and belonging on our campus. 

Session A: Body Inclusion is Non-Negotiable
Presented by Callie Barfield 

Often times DEI summits hyper-focus on racial diversity, equity, and inclusion, but body differences are also where we experience power differentials and systemic oppressions. The way our environments are built to suit certain body types and ability levels directly centers certain bodies over others, and attending this session will help you learn more about what that means for fat bodies**  

**Fat is a term to describe a state of body and is NOT synonymous with “bad” or “ugly”. Fat is the opposite of thin and there is no morality attached to either label.  
Emphasis: Body Inclusivity 

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Session B: Our Lived Experiences as Diversity Org Leaders: A Panel Discussion 
Presented by Student Organization Representatives, Moderated by Scottee Hoff 

Student representatives from different cultural identity-based organizations like Black Student Union, Global Pioneer Society, Latin American Student Organization, Carroll University Bayan Filipino Club, Gender & Sexuality Alliance, discuss their experiences at Carroll University. How accepted do they feel here? How have these groups helped them build a home here? What makes them feel most at home on our campus? What can Carroll do to be better for them? Learn more by attending and listening with compassion for our Carroll Community.

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Session C: Women of Color in Media 
Presented by Kanoe Montaño

Description: What do Megan Thee Stallion, the Superbowl, and a movie from 1915 have to do with Gender-based violence? Research shows that the media which permeates our cultural waters has real implications for our behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and actions. This conversation will unpack the ways that media’s objectification and misrepresentation of black women, indigenous women and other women of color ripples out into actualized violence against marginalized women. Movies, music, the news, and social media all play a role in perpetuating violent attitudes and beliefs about women of color and this conversation will begin to peel back the layers of the problem, celebrate the women who fight against this trend, and give students actionable steps to join the movement to advocate against racial and gender-based violence. 

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Session D: Social Determinants of Health: Residential Racial Segregation & risk of COVID-19 Hospital Admission
Presented by Dr. Abdul Shour

Students attending this session will learn about the impact of residential and racial segregation and COVID-19 hospital admissions in the state of Wisconsin. Join Dr. Shour in using a public health lens to address the ongoing threats to our wellbeing and access to healthy lifestyles.  These threats are found in our environment, in our laws, and in our everyday social contexts that incrementally build barriers for those who are already marginalized. Attendees will examine these barriers and what that means for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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