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Guardian Angel Fund

The Guardian Angel Fund was established in 2010 to provide support to Carroll University students who are experiencing a financial emergency. When unexpected hardships happen, this fund provides assistance when it matters most. Students' financial circumstances can change in an instant. Imagine finding out one of your parents died unexpectedly, or that your sister was diagnosed with cancer—resulting in mounting medical bills for your family. What about losing your job and then your home just one semester shy of graduation? Unfortunately, these situations occur, forcing Carroll students to face the possibility of leaving Carroll. That's where the angels come in.

Responses from students

who have received support from the fund 

Become a guardian angel—donate today

"Thank you so much! It means more to me and my family than you can ever know. I would not be able to finish college without your generosity."

Become a guardian angel—donate today

"Thank you a MILLION! I can't even tell you how grateful and thankful I am for the support."

Become a guardian angel—donate today

"With this help, I intend to pay forward this meaningful gesture of faith."

Become a guardian angel—donate today

The Guardian Angel Fund eases the burden for students in times of crisis by providing financial assistance toward tuition or other expenses. It provides hope and an opportunity for students to follow their dreams and finish their education at Carroll. Alumni and friends who contribute to the Fund really do change the lives of our students when they need it most. Any amount matters and every gift makes a difference.

To give to the Guardian Angel Fund, donate online, or see our Ways to Give page for more options. 

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