Six Steps to Getting Financial Aid
for Undergraduate Studies

Step 1: Get accepted to Carroll University

The university uses a rolling admission process which means once an application is complete (application, high school report form, high school transcript and optional standardized test score) an admission decision will be made. We highly recommend that this step be completed in fall of your senior year. Students cannot receive financial aid until they are accepted to Carroll.

Step 2: Carroll will award an academic merit scholarship to qualified students

Merit scholarships are awarded at the time of a student’s acceptance. The scholarships are based on the student’s academic record. Learn more about these scholarships and the amounts.

Step 3: Submit your FAFSA

Fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. If you are not eligible or not interested in completing the FAFSA, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

The federal government usually takes 2–3 days to process the application.

Step 4: Apply for departmental and/or talent scholarships at Carroll

Once you are accepted to Carroll University, check out the special departmental and/or talent scholarships that Carroll offers. Note the requirements for applying, the process for applying and the deadline for the scholarships.

Step 5: Apply for local, regional and national outside scholarships for which you may qualify

Check with your high school guidance office, chamber of commerce, parents' employers and any free scholarship websites like, etc. At Carroll, typically any outside scholarship you receive will go 100% to your benefit. Any aid coming from the federal government, state, or institution will automatically be included in your award once you file the FAFSA.

Step 6: Get your Financial Aid Award

Once the Financial Aid Office receives your FAFSA or notification that you will not be completing a FAFSA, we will notify you via email and postcard when your financial aid award has been completed.

Log in to your Carroll portal account to view, accept, decline or modify your Financial Aid Award.

If you have any special or unusual circumstances that the FAFSA does not reflect, please contact the Financial Aid Office at or 262.524.7296.

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