S-STEM Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) grant. The project, called Carroll University Pro-STEM Initiative: Promoting STEM Retention through Self-Efficacy, is a five-year (beginning in 2018) program that provides financial and academic support to specific students in targeted majors.

Amount of Scholarship

Varying amounts—approximately $5,000

Conditions of Eligibility

The applicant must:

Award Conditions

All scholarship recipients will have the option of participating in various grant-related activities. In addition, they will be required to do the following:

Conditions of Competition

Students must complete a FAFSA for the upcoming academic year by January 15th. An internal selection process of qualified students will reviewed to select award recipients.

Questions concerning this scholarship may be discussed with faculty members or with an admissions counselor at 1.800.CARROLL.

Faculty Contacts

Dr. John Symms
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Katherine Kramer
Assistant Professor of Education

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