SAGE Tuition Rewards | Financial Aid

Carroll University is a member school of the SAGE Tuition Rewards Program. This means that we agree to offer Carroll grant or scholarship equal to or greater than your Tuition Reward Point amount, up to $34,330 over 4 years.

Important Student Deadlines

  • Student must be enrolled in the Tuition Rewards Program prior to the start of 11th grade
  • No Tuition Rewards can be earned or allocated to a student once they start 12th grade
  • Families must submit an electronic Tuition Rewards statement through the Tuition Rewards website to Carroll at the time they apply for Admission to Carroll.

Common Questions

Does SAGE send my rewards to Carroll?

No. With the SAGE Tuition Rewards program the student earns points. As a member school, Carroll then offers its own institutional funds to match or exceed the SAGE Tuition Reward points that were earned.

What if Tuition Rewards are submitted after applying to Carroll?

Carroll is not obligated to award you any SAGE benefits; however, we will review the student's information and award at least a portion of SAGE benefits if possible.

Can I use my SAGE benefit amount all in one year?

No. The amount of rewards, up to $34,330, must be divided evenly over 4 years.

Who do I call if I have questions about my SAGE Tuition Rewards amount?

You can contact SAGE Scholars at 1-888-222-0550.

Where can I find more information about the SAGE Tuition Rewards Program? is the best place!

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