Academic Advising PAAL Leader | Campus Employment

Department – Center for Academic Advising Services
Job Title – Pioneer Academic Advising Leader (PAAL) Leadership Team Member

Purpose of Job

  • Members of the PAAL Leadership Team provide peer education for classmates and disseminate information to assist with campus-wide advising efforts in support of Carroll academic advisors.  Peer education efforts will involve supporting and understanding academic planning process, policies, and course curriculum.  PAAL Leaders will pay specific attention to supporting students’ preparation for engaging with their assigned academic advisors.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • PAAL Leadership Team members will create and present programs in CAAS and across campus for students, faculty, staff and parents/supporters.  Current programs include:
    • Orientation & Welcome Week Programming
    • CAAS Walk-In Advising Support
    • Open House for Exploring Students
    • Facilitation of ‘Advising Warm-Up Sessions’
    • Facilitation of PAAL Academic Mentor Training
    • Support of small group academic advising at the CAAS 
    • Carroll Open House for prospective students
    • Advising & Registration for incoming students each spring 
  • PAAL Leadership Team members will mentor and supervise an assigned number of Academic Mentors, who mentor new Carroll students, over the course of the academic year (fall and spring semesters).  Leadership efforts include:
    • Supervision of assigned academic mentors
    • Regular communication with assigned academic mentors to provide support, advice and appropriate communication with CAAS professional staff
    • Engagement in ongoing academic mentor training,
    • Ongoing collaboration with CAAS professional staff members
  • PAAL Leadership Team members will be involved in general clerical and reception support, as well as Academic Advising Services programs, as needed.

Job Qualifications

  • In second year (or more) at Carroll University.
  • Interest in supporting academic advisors across campus
  • Interest in peer education and assisting classmates with academic planning and preparation for academic advising
  • Must have attention to detail, active listening skills, ability to follow instruction and organizational skills.  
  • Must have interests and abilities in working independently and collaboratively with other team members.  
  • Must have earned a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of application.
  • Must be eligible for campus employment to be paid as a PAAL Leader


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