Kristin Anderson-Cronin

Kristin Anderson-Cronin

Clinical Faculty Nursing – Community Health Education Coordinator 262.951.3131 Henke Nursing NC07




Kristin Anderson-Cronin became part of the Carroll University family in 2019 and began teaching full time in fall of 2021. Her previous nursing experience has been throughout the psychiatric/forensic field of nursing, as well as within the Trauma/Surgical Intensive Care Unit. In addition to teaching, she is also passionate about making a difference in the world around her. Anderson-Cronin can frequently be found volunteering, working alongside the American Red Cross, or on mission trips around the world. In her spare time, Anderson-Cronin loves to spend time in the outdoors, camping, or on the water; watching movies; and just spending time with her husband and two boys. She also has two dogs, Nyx (who likes to run head-first into any hard surface), and Ember (a husky that will never stop talking, even when you are not listening).


University of Illinois – Chicago, Master of Science in Nursing.
Mt. Mary University/Columbia College of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Areas of Specialization

  • Psychiatry/mental health
  • Forensic psychiatry
  • Community/community health nursing
  • Leadership
  • Critical care

Why do you do what you do?

It is humbling to watch students grow and transform. I am amazed by the response demonstrated when a student realizes they can do something they previously thought was impossible.

How do you make learning engaging?

Aiming to teach in different ways and styles offers me the opportunity to make a more fun and creative environment for all students to learn, grow, and understand the “why” behind the topics at hand. 

What should students know about you?

I am patient, open-minded, I actively listen; but, most importantly, I believe in YOU. 
I understand that life is an adventure, with roadblocks, U-turns, dead ends, caution signs, stop signs, 70-mile-an-hour speed limits, and green lights.  Nursing school (as well as the nursing profession and teaching) is no exception to this and definitely not easy.  You will most likely have moments where you may doubt yourself; conquer fears; overcome mountains; drained yourself of tears; but, in the end, it will be worth it!  As a nurse, seeing some of the things you will see will drop you to your knees… others will amaze you to the point of disbelief because you did something you never knew you were actually capable of doing.  If I could recommend anything, it would be the things I try to remind myself every day: Smile more; live with purpose; be grateful; see a failure as a new start; remain civil and be humble; never stop learning; laugh (a lot!); assume nothing and question everything; sing; spend time with your family and friends; dance; make peace with yourself; give everything you’ve got; don’t compare – comparing robs you of your own happiness; and spread love like wildfire, it’s free, and the best prescription available!
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