Spring 2022 Required COVID Testing Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update | Last updated April 25th, 2022

This page has important COVID-19 information regarding the COVID testing requirement.

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Submit Your Vaccine Info or Test Results

Weekly Testing Requirement

All students who do not meet fully vaccinated status living, working, or studying on campus must test for COVID-19 once every week during the semester. 

Weekly testing is not required the week of finals: May 2nd-May 5th 2022

You have two options to test for COVID-19 every week:

  1. Free on campus testing.
  2. Testing at an off-campus location.

The following sections provide information regarding testing exemptions, testing options, and other COVID-19 protocols. 

Testing Exemptions

You will be exempt from the testing requirement if:

Submit Vaccine Information

Submit COVID Test Results

Request an Academic Accommodation 

Graduate Student Information

Graduate Student Testing Schedule

Below is a list of all graduate programs and the testing schedule each program must follow. Fully vaccinated graduate students currently do not need to test for COVID during the spring semester.

Health Science Graduate Programs: Required to test weekly

All Health Science Graduate students are required to test weekly during the fall semester. Below is a list of all Health Science graduate programs:

More on Testing

Testing Options

Testing Exemptions

Test option #1: Free On-Campus Testing Information

Type of test:

Learn more about COVID-19 symptoms

Testing Cost:

Testing Registration:

Weekly testing is available Monday-Thursday at the following times:

*Return to campus testing has different hours than above to accommodate those moving in on the weekends. 

Use the following links to view when testing is available and to register to test on campus. If you cannot test at one of the following on campus testing sites, you must schedule an off campus COVID test.

Schedule Testing March 21st- May 5th

Prior to arriving to the testing site, you must:

  1. Schedule a testing time.
    • See the above links for testing options.
  2. Install the Navica Application on your phone (Blue Medical icon)
  3. Create a profile on the Navica Application.
    • Use your carrollu.edu email. 
  4. Bring your student ID and smart phone with the NAVICA app to the testing site. 
    • Open your Navica QR Code by pressing "Display Navica ID" in the application.

Testing location:


What to expect on your testing day:

  1. Wear a mask and practice social distancing indoors.
  2. You are the only person who can enter the testing facility. Guests must wait outside.
  3. Please enter 215 Wright Street through the front door.
  4. Present your Student ID and Navica application at the check-in desk and complete the check-in process.
  5. Once the test has been completed, you may continue normal activities as you wait for your test results.
  6. You will receive your results within 30 minutes of completing your test through the Navica app.
  7. If you test negative:
    • You may continue normal activities. 
  8. If you test positive:
    • You will need to immediately self- isolate.
    • If you live on campus, you will have the option to isolate in a hotel or isolate at your permanent residence.
      • If you choose to isolate at a hotel, you will be responsible for paying for all hotel costs and fees. 
    • If you live off campus, you will need to isolate at your off campus residence.
    • A Carroll University Contact Tracer will call you to discuss your next steps. 

Testing Option #2: Testing at an off-campus location

You have the option to test off campus at a community testing site or with a healthcare provider. If you choose to test off campus, you must ensure you receive results by the Friday of the week you are required to test. For example, you must submit off campus test results for the week of September 13-17 no later than Friday, September 17.

Please submit your test results to the COVID-19 Reporting Form. If you test off campus, you must make your own testing arrangements and ensure you receive proper documentation of your test results.

Testing Locations:

Find a Testing Location Near You

Accepted Tests:

Submit Off Campus Test Result

Submit Test Results

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I need to test?
If you do not meet any of the testing exemptions, you are required to test.
Student Life will also send a reminder email the week before you are required to test. 

Do I need to sign up for a testing time if I test on campus?

Yes, you must sign up in advance to test on campus.
If you choose to test at an off-campus location, you must make your own testing arrangements.

Will anyone else know about my test result?

Carroll University is required to report all results to the local health department. The Waukesha County Health Department and Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene will be informed of your positive test results. A Carroll University contact tracer will also follow up with you.

Do I have to do the testing at Carroll?

You may choose to test at a site closer to your home. You should ensure that testing is a PCR or rapid antigen test, and results will be received prior to arriving on campus. Submit your results to the COVID-19 Reporting Form

I’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine. Do I still need to submit a negative test result?

If you are fully vaccinated students do not need to test. Submit your vaccine information to the COVID-19 Reporting Form.
You must still test weekly if you have only received one dose of a two-dose vaccine. 

I previously tested positive for COVID-19. Do I still need to test?

If you tested positive for COVID-19 you are not required to test for 90 days following your positive test result. If you have tested positive on or after October 20, 2021, please report your test results to the COVID-19 Reporting Form.

If you have additional questions, please direct them to the appropriate contact:

We look forward to seeing you back on campus soon!

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