Town Hall Questions and Answers - Fall 2021

Carroll University’s COVID protocols and guidelines are subject to change. We will continue to work closely with the Waukesha Department of Public Health, and monitor NIH and CDC guidelines as well as other best practices from health organizations.

What was asked?

Students and parents were encouraged to discuss any concerns that they had for Fall 2021. President Gnadinger and the Senior Leadership Team answered the questions below.

Why are you doing more testing this next school year than you did last year when counts were much higher? 

The safety and wellbeing of our campus community is Carroll’s top priority. We determined  weekly testing of non-vaccinated students is one factor that will help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Carroll is following guidance from the recent NIH study that “estimates that 96% of infections could be prevented on campuses with routine testing.”

How is confidentiality even possible when only unvaccinated students need to be tested weekly, are to be quarantined, and need to wear masks?

Students will go for testing in a confidential space. Many of our current staff and faculty that are vaccinated are choosing to still mask up this summer so it is not easy to tell who is vaccinated and who is not.

Do these policies go into place as of now?

Yes, these policies are in place now. 

I'm very concerned about respect and student shaming with masks vs. no masks. It seems to go against the Carroll ethos to create division like this?

We agree that anyone who might engage in shaming another student, for any reason, would be against the Carroll Ethos.

Can the dining center looking into more gluten free, dairy free, vegan options? Last year was a struggle for some with food limitations.

Thanks for this question. Prior to the pandemic, our dining services had more options and we plan to return to these options this fall.

What is the sports situation this year? Is the season going to be normal?

We are awaiting final guidance from NCAA on specific protocols but are anticipating a full season.

When was the first day of classes again? Will we have homecoming?

Thursday, September 2nd is the first day of classes and Homecoming Weekend will be held October 14-17.

Am I required to be vaccinated if I have already tested positive for COVID? My doctor does not recommend it.

No one is required to be vaccinated at Carroll. This is a choice.

Would we have to pay for the hotel if we had to quarantine and could not go home?

The students will pay for the cost of the hotel if one is needed. The University will assist in getting students to and from and will assist with meals, which are provided through the student's meal plan.

You are pressuring students to take a vaccination even though there are risks to the vaccination and you are not presenting this information. How do you justify your actions?

We are not pressuring anyone to get vaccinated. We do not have a vaccination requirement.

If tested positive and in isolation, will professors provide virtual or online options while in quarantine?

Yes, professors will work with students to determine the best way to deliver on the learning outcomes.

Will RAs know who is vaccinated vs non-vaccinated?

No, faculty and staff generally will not have a list of vaccinated or unvaccinated students. The only members of the campus community who will have that list will be those administering testing, tracking vaccination rates, or working in the health center. When needed to follow up on a complaint, student conduct officers will inquire on the vaccination status of students. 

Will masks be required in the dorm rooms?

Our policy expects unvaccinated individuals to be wearing a mask when in congregate settings, including classrooms, student organization events, or walking through campus buildings. We will encourage roommates to have proactive discussions about masking expectations, but do not consider an individuals residence hall room a congregate setting.

Will meal plans be based on weekly meals like last year or by semester like before COVID?

Meal plans will be structured as meals per week (as they were last year).

When will we find out more information about on campus parking for this year (ie. application dates, when the permits will be sent out)?

Campus parking information can be found on the public safety web page. Updates for 2021 are anticipated by July 19. You may also contact public safety directly at for any other parking-related questions.

How are they doing the testing? Is it a nasal or spit test?

We will be administering nasal swab tests. When requested, a saliva test is available.

How do we meet with advising staff if there was some sort of issue with scheduling as a freshman?

Going through the summer, if you have any challenges with the enrollment process, you can always initiate a conversation with your admission counselor, who will connect you with the right person.

Is there a date that professors have to have their textbook requirements into our bookstore website by? 

Textbook adoptions for fall 2021 should now be submitted. If a textbook is not yet provided for a specific class, please contact the professor teaching the course.

For our meal plans, will we be able to use the "extra meals/semester" at Carroll Dining facilities?

Extra Meals per semester are only available for use during the Winter and Summer I sessions. They are provided to allow students to have meals available should they be on campus for either of those terms. Extra meals are added after the last board day of the regular semester.

How would you answer someone who asks why 20,000-40,000 people can now gather for 3 hours to watch the NBA or baseball this summer without asking any attendees about their vaccination status or requiring masks, but Carroll still is so focused on this?

We would say that we are a residential campus where our community lives in close quarters, dines together, and engages in daily activities with one another. This is different that attending an event for 3 hours at a time.

If a student gets the unlimited meal plan, does that apply to the dining hall or all of the pop in locations as well?

The All Access plan gives unlimited access to the MDR. In addition, there are 8 meals per week that can be used anywhere on campus for any meal or meal equivalency purchase.

How often will athletes have to get tested? Are there any other COVID related protocols with athletes?

According the NCAA, student athletes who are not vaccinated will be required to test weekly and required to wear masks during practices.

Will Carroll University allow guests in the residence halls?

In Suites and Apartments (Hartwell, Carroll St, College Ave, Pioneer, Frontier and Prairie), each contracted resident is allowed one overnight guest who must be registered with Carroll University Department of Public Safety. Per the Student Code of Conduct, overnight hours are observed between 2:00am – 8:00am. Between the hours of 8:00am – 2:00am, guests are permitted in Residence Halls and are expected to be in compliance with Carroll University policies. 

Will you share the percentage of students vaccinated similar to the dashboard that was used for COVID cases?  

Carroll University will have the percentage of students who have been vaccinated displayed at The percentage vaccinated will be updated every Friday starting September 10.

How can you justify charging students for every test when they were free last year and they are free in the community?

Carroll University is not charging for the weekly asymptomatic testing. Students who are symptomatic will test at the Student Health Center and they will not be charged a testing fee.

How will you know if unmasked persons are vaccinated or not vaccinated?

The only people that will know if a student is vaccinated or not vaccinated is Carroll University’s Student Health Center.

Will the students' vaccination status remain confidential?

All students vaccination information will be kept confidential. Carroll University’s Student Health Center will have the records.

Social shaming for not vaxing is a very real social reality. How do you plan to handle this if students feel socially excluded by others?

Carroll University takes shaming, bullying, harassment and intimidation very seriously. Students who have been harassed, bullied, shamed are asked to tell a Carroll official. The person or persons doing the harassing will be referred to Carroll’s Office of Conduct.

Are kids allowed to attend Carroll who haven't had their childhood vaccinations (MMR, polio, chicken pox, etc.)? If so, why are they allowed to be on campus without testing while those unvaxed for COVID aren't? Explain the difference.

Carroll University requires the MMR vaccination prior to starting classes. If students do not have their vaccination records in at the Student Health Center, they are not allowed to register for the spring semester until the Student Health Center has received them.

What will happen with a student who tests positive? Are you still requiring quarantine? For how long?

Students who test positive will need to isolate for 11 days. Students will need to leave campus for their isolation period. Carroll will assist students who need to stay in a hotel by helping the student secure a hotel room. Public Safety can transport the student to the hotel if transportation is needed. Carroll University’s Dining Services will coordinate meals for students who are in the hotel during their isolation.

What if a student has autoimmune conditions and cannot be vaccinated? Do the testing and mask rules still apply?

If a student has a preexisting medical condition, the student should contact Student Accessibility Services with that information. The student with the preexisting medical conditions will still need to mask and test on a weekly basis.

How can vaccination status remain private if you are requiring different rules for non-vaccinated students?

Students, staff, and faculty who are vaccinated may choose to wear their face masks on campus and therefore we will not know who is and is not vaccinated.

Are you going to impose penalties for students who do not wear masks and are not vaccinated?

Students who are not vaccinated and not wearing a mask will need to meet with Carroll University’s Director of Conduct. If the student continues to not mask, sanctions will be placed on the student that may include financial sanctions.

Will RAs know who is vaccinated vs non-vaccinated?

Resident Assistants in the residence halls will not know who is vaccinated and not vaccinated.

Are you honoring religious exceptions related to not vaccinating?

Carroll University will honor religious exemptions to vaccination. Students with religious exemptions will need to test on a weekly basis and wear a mask.

Will Walter Young Center counseling be in-person too?

The Walter Young Center for counseling will be offering in-person sessions.

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